Music is at the heart of our school at St Joseph’s. We use music throughout the school day in activities such as collective worship, RE, maths, PE and so much more! Music during assemblies brings us all together as a school to worship and celebrate achievements.

Many children take part in extra curricular music lessons at St Josephs, with many external teachers coming in to teach. Lessons include singing, piano, flute and African drumming!

School is also very fortunate to have Mr Jennings come into school on a Tuesday to deliver music lessons for each class from FS2 to Year 6. The pupils love having music lessons and learning from such a talented, enthusiastic teacher. Please see below for comments from some children regarding their lessons with Mr Jennings. The children are also very fortunate to have Mr Jennings running an after school club on Tuesday with Mr Jennings to create a choir. This club runs Tuesdays, from 3:15-4:15.


“Music at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School helps the children grow in confidence, work as a team, solve problems and express themselves. Music should be fun and a release from the other more academic subjects in school. It inspires young minds, builds confidence and nurtures talents.”  Mr Jennings, Music Teacher at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School.

Please find attached 2 questionnaires taken from this academic year from a selection of children throughout the school:

Music 2017- 18 questionnaires analysis

hymns in assembly collective worship questionnaires analysis

Music Assembly

On Tuesday 22nd May, we held a music assembly in school with our music teacher Mr Jennings. The assembly was to showcase all of the brilliant learning the children have been doing during lessons in school. The assembly featured performances from Year 1-6 and included a variety of songs, instruments and finished with a final production from all of the years together for the parents and guardians. The children really enjoyed performing for everyone and thank you so much to those who attended the assembly, it was a great turn out!

Vocal Day

On Thursday 15th March, some of the Year 5 and 6 pupils attending the Epos Vocal Day at Boston Spa Primary School. The day included learning a variety of different songs along with actions. The children were given the opportunity to make music using their voices, bodies or even chopsticks and chairs. For some songs the children were making the backing music through body percussion (this was very tricky!)

Another activity the children took part in was chair drumming with chopsticks. This activity really tested the children’s co-ordination skills and demonstrated the determination and skills needed to play an instrument.

The day was enjoyed by all of the children and it concluded with a choir performance by the all of the children from other schools and ours. This performance was for parents/carers and friends of the pupils.

Young Voices 2018

Young Voices rehearsals take place every Thursday afternoon (3.15pm – 4.15pm) in the hall with either Miss Waite (Y5 Class Teacher) or Miss Clilverd (Y4 Class Teacher).  Rehearsals for Young Voices 2018 are now in full swing! Children in years 4, 5 and 6, and Miss Waite and Miss Clilverd, are extremely excited – it really is coming together now! We have learnt most of the songs, and have even learnt some of the dance routines to match! To ensure we really are fantastic at the concert, it would be great if all children could be practising at home and learning the lyrics! Here is a link to all of the songs (with lyrics):


St Joseph’s Choir with Mr Jennings

We are extremely lucky for Mr Jennings to be running a choir every Tuesday afternoon. Pictures and more information is to follow very soon.

Music Lessons with Mr Jennings

On Tuesdays, we are very fortunate to have the brilliant Mr Jennings to come in and work with all classes from FS2- Year 6 and do music with them. The children thoroughly enjoy their lessons with Mr Jennings and gain a great deal of knowledge from these. Mr Jennings carefully plans each year groups music lessons and they are inclusive and engaging for all. Please find below some of the children’s positive responses to a questionnaire regarding music in school:


Music Lessons in Action

Below are some pictures of classes in action having their music lessons with Mr Jennings. All year groups are working on different skills and each lesson is differentiated depending on the age range.


Big Sing FS2/KS1

Every Tuesday morning, the children in FS2 and KS1 all come together in the hall with Mr Jennings to take part in the Big Sing! This involves lots of singing of new and older songs together. The children always look forward to this session and have a variety of opportunities to both sing together and to sing at the front and lead their peers! It is a lovely time for the children to come together as a community and you can hear them singing from all corners of our school!

African Drumming

On a Thursday morning at school, you can hear the sound of drums everywhere you go! This is because Year 5 are very fortunate to have lessons on African Drumming on a Thursday. These lessons introduce the children to music from different cultures. They help the children to develop skills such as timing, unison, canon and teamwork. I know that the Year 5 students always look forward to their sessions, but they all need to wear earplugs because the noise is very loud!