Mini RDT

Our St Joseph’s Mini RDT stands for the Mini Religious Development Team. At St Joseph’s we have a Staff Religious Development team made up of Miss Milivojevic, Mrs Ward and Mrs Hemming but we are also lucky enough to have a Mini RDT made up of some of our pupils. These children have a very important job to do in school. They work hard to continue to develop the catholic life of our school and to work with staff and pupils to ensure that there is progression and coverage across school and that we are constantly working hard to continue to strive for the very best!

In the autumn term the Mini RDT met with Miss Milivojevic to think about where we are as a school and how we can continue to make improvements to both the catholic life of our school as well as how we can continue to strive for excellence in our Religious Education.

To begin with the Mini RDT evaluated what we already do well at school:

  • Children delivering collective worship – ‘we enjoy this’ ‘It helps us to understand the readings and prayers’ ‘We make the reflection and prayers purposeful to our own intentions’.
  • Fun RE lessons – ‘Our RE lessons are fun and we learn a lot.’ We enjoy using the Bibles, role play, art, English and using the i-pads and computers in our RE lessons.
  • The hymns and songs that we sing are fun and we sing really well.
  • We have lots of different prayers that we say and we use Makaton to sign some of these.
  • Our school has a lot of religious quotes around it that reminds us of God’s word.
  • We have a lot of religious statues around school.
  • We have a great prayer garden on the field.
  • We listen to God’s word and my friends remember some of the messages in the parables when they include people who might feel left out at playtime or when they say sorry for being mean.


The team then decided that they would like to look at ways to make further improvements in school and then create an action plan for the year ahead to work on these. Some of the areas that they would like to develop this year are listed below:

  • Work with their class teachers to develop the use of the prayer garden.
  • Hold a family mass in church each term where the Mini RDT are involved with planning and preparing for the mass.
  • The mini RDT will carry out half termly audits, questionnaires and learning walks around school and follow up actions with class teachers and arrange to feedback to classes where necessary. The focus of these will vary and the staff RDT will help the Mini RDT with this.

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