St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School - Wetherby

Autumn 1 

This week we have been busy settling into our new class. We have had lots of opportunity to play and explore the different areas in class and begin to make new friends. We have thought of some of our own class rules to keep us safe and happy and we have worked hard to begin to learn the new routines. 

This week we have been participating in lots of listening games. We played ‘Guess the instrument’ and ‘Noisy Neighbour’. This was really tricky as we could hear some strange noises coming from behind the screen and we had to guess what they might be. We heard stomping, an alarm clock and cornflakes being poured into a bowl! After this we went on a listening walk around school. We heard lots of strange and interesting things like the computers, fire engines and the school alarm. 

We had our first RE lesson today. We were thinking about God’s love for us. We read ‘Guess How Much I Love You’. The children were thinking about who God loves and how big his love is for us. We had some great ideas. God’s love for us is bigger than… a transformer, a house, a dinosaur and the world! 

We have listened to the story of creation. We used fabrics and props to tell the story. The children said thank you to God for all that he has made and we discussed taking care of these things. The children all shared an idea of how they could do this.  

This week we started Phonics. The children have done a great job so far in joining in with our Phonics songs and actions. Each morning the children are very keen to find out the new letter and see what the new song will be. We have been working very hard on writing our letters. Especially these Caterpillar family letters- c, o, a, d. You could have a go at practising these at home.  

In RE we have been thinking about how God made us all different and special. We shared the things that make us special and drawn a picture to show our special things.  

In Maths this week we have been using our conker tray to help us with counting, adding and finding out one more. We have used our number lines to help us when we are not sure of what the number looks like. We have then carefully written the number down in our new books.  

Today we had a special visitor in from Wetherby Library. She came to read us a story to launch our Mystery Reader sessions on a Friday. Watch this space for Mystery Reader pictures! 

This afternoon we had a circle time to decide on our new topic for next half term. There were some fantastic ideas so this made it really tricky to choose just one. In the end we voted for an Arctic topic. The children were all very excited by this. The next day we got started on things we might need. the children made some fantastic snowflakes to hang in the role play area. They helped to order the penguins all the way to 30 without much help. I was very impressed.  

Autumn 2 

This half term our topic is all about the Arctic.

Well done and thank you to all parents who have been collecting milk bottles for our igloo. We have hundreds!

Today the children have started to paint their favourite snowy animals. They have been thinking carefully about the colours needed and we have done some colour mixing. We have encouraged the children to label their picture. If we are unsure of the letters, we try and record the initial sound.

We have already had some brilliant models of snow transport with a snow plough and an ice digger! As well as this some of the boys have been working on building an igloo this morning.

Spring 1


This half term the children have chosen a Police topic. We have turned our Role Play Area into a Police Station and the children have already been busy working in this area today. Some of the children have helped to make a police car for this area. We started by searching for pictures of police cars on the internet. We chose the best ones and printed them off. The children then looked at the pictures carefully to help them in painting the cardboard to make it look like a real police car. As we had worked so hard on the car we didn’t want anybody to touch it until it was dry. We decided to make some signs to say “Don’t touch”, “It is wet.”, “Do not Smudge.”. You will have to wait for a picture when it is finished!


This week in school it was Robot week. We started off our morning with Assembly as normal. We were interrupted by a special guest, Robbie the Robot. He came to visit us to learn all about Planet Earth. He showed us some of his tricks and told us a story. We were really pleased that Robbie had come to visit we decided to carry on our learning about robots in the classroom.

We built robots and machines in the Building Area. We worked on our construction and model making with three huge robots. We did this as a class in groups so we all had chance to contribute. We are very proud of our work and will be showing it off in assembly next week! We also made our own smaller models in the Make and Do Area.

We were impressed with Year 5’s art work using chalks to draw a robot and give it some shading and detail. We borrowed these for a closer look in Foundation 2 and used them as inspiration for our own art. We loved smudging the chalks to mix the colours and create different shades. You will see our art work hanging in class near the door!

We wrote letters and postcards to Robbie’s family to let them know he had arrived safely and we were taking good care of him.

We also did some robot maths. We had to work out the second number needed to make ten and write it carefully on the robot’s hand so he became a number bond robot. We also used a number bond machine to work out which numbers can be added to make ten. When we had a pair of numbers we selected the correct numicon and fed it to the machine as a snack. He only liked snacks that added to make 10!


Spring 2

Spring 2 Newsletter

This half term our topic is Pirates! In the last week of Spring 1 the children all worked together to paint our pirate ship and they made their own treasure chest, canon and plank. We started to read pirate stories to see what we could notice in the pictures to help us plan for our new topic.

First day back to school after the holidays and what a busy day. We began our day by having a go at our new reading challenge. Each morning as the children come in they will need to find their name on the hot air balloons, have a go at reading the word and then outing their name in the basket with the matching picture. Even though it was only our first try today we all did a super job.

After sharing our challenges for the week the children got busy completing these during choosing time. We had lots of fantastic work from our new sentence station. The children were writing lots of lovely sentences about their busy half terms. We had some great pirate maps and we worked hard to sound out the labels for our maps. The children also had a go at the maths challenge- to order the numbers coins and shells.

There was lots of great work in the pirate ship with some fantastic costumes. Some of the children began playing and realised some of the props they needed for their play were missing so they set to work in the Make and Do Area to create these. We have also had some very creative sea creature pictures using paint and collage. Well done on a fantastic day back to school. I think this week we might need some new prizes for the challenge chart Foundation 2!

Our Math’s Challenge this week was all about halving and doubling. We had to put half of the coins on one side of the treasure chest and half on the other. We also had a go at painting the other half of sea creatures in the Painting Area. We know that Pirate Blackbeard always likes to double his treasure, so we helped him to do this by painting coins and then folding our paper to work out double the amount.

Today was World Book Day. Well done Foundation 2 on your super costumes. We started the day by describing my character, Mr Bear. After this the children had a go at describing their own character. We wrote some of these words down around our pictures.

This week we had to write clues for our friend Pirate Pete to help him find his treasure. He was very grateful for our help, so today, he set up a treasure hunt for us to complete. We worked in little groups to read clues which sent us all around school. Pirate Pete had added sound buttons to the clues to make it easier for us to read and he had also used lots of tricky words. We ended up in the woods with the last clue. It said “Take six steps into the woods and look for the treasure chest.” We did this and found that Pete had left us a little bit of treasure each!

This week we have all been very busy making our Mother’s Day cards. We used our hand to paint a plant and then added the petals with our fingers. We chose two colours and mixed them to find out what they would make. Some of us had some very good guesses before we mixed the paint.

Today we have been very busy in the Writing Area. We were looking at the characters from Finding Dory after our film night last night. We talked about the characters and wrote some sentences about them, carefully sounding out our words as we went.

This week our Year 6 Buddies came to help us create our Easter Art work. We covered our paper with water, then we put lots of little pieces of coloured tissue paper on and finally we brushed the tissue paper with more water. It was a tricky job so we were glad Year 6 came to help us. Now we just have to wait for the colours to run and soak into the paper! I wonder what they will look like tomorrow morning.

Summer 1

This half term the children have chosen a Jungle Explorers topic. We have a new Jungle Area in class which I’m sure will soon be filled with jungle creations!

This week the children have been very busy in our Jungle Area. We have been thinking about the kinds of animals we might find in the jungle and we have been describing these to our partners. Many of the children have had a go at painting and making jungle creatures for the jungle. We have had some brilliant snakes this week. The children cut carefully in a spiral and then tied their snake with string so it can dangle from the trees.

We have had a go at writing some of our own jungle stories. We thought carefully about our character and the main event of our story. We shared our ideas and put them into sentences. We then worked together to sound out these sentences and reread our work to check it makes sense.

This week we have been doing some measuring. We began the week by measuring snakes using blocks and cubes. After this we talked about other things we could use to measure. Foundation 2 suggested a ruler, a metre stick or a tape measure. We had a go at this on our Clever Touch board. We chose the animal we wanted to measure. We made sure we put the animal at zero to start measuring and we looked carefully at the number. The children had a go at this during our activity and in choosing time.

Today we had a go at leaf printing. We had a selection of colours to mix and make the perfect shade for our leaf. We thought carefully about washing our brush in between to make sure all of the colours did not mix and using an empty pot to mix. We then painted the leaf and turned it over to print on the paper. This bit was difficult as the leaves were very slippery, it was a messy job!

Well done to Foundation 2 for being the PE class of the week this week!

Next week we look forward to our RE ‘New Life’ walk in the woods and around school. We will think about the colourful plants and new animals that might be about in Spring time and we will be linking this to Easter.