St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School - Wetherby


The Year 5/6 football team had a great start to the season by winning the Wetherby High tournament. The boys played extremely well and they deserved the trophy. I am really looking forward to the teams playing this year and I hope they all do well.

Year 5/6 team

The teams in the league get 1 point for playing a match, 3 points for winning and 1 point for drawing. Here are the teams in their league for this season.

Bardsey, Primrose, Deighton Gates, Bramham and Shadwell

League game               Bardsey  4  –  1  St Joseph’s

The boys did play well during this game and at half time it was difficult to know which side would win. When we were losing 1 – 2, we didn’t give up and had plenty of chances to pull it back but unfortunately the ball just didn’t go in. Then Bardsey’s third goal caught the boys of guard as they took a shot from the half way line and scored. Better luck next time boys.

League game                St Joseph’s  3  –  1  Primrose

This was more like it. They played well as a team and demonstrated some really good football. Keep it up.

Leeds Cup Match round 1      St Joseph’s   1  –  2  St Mary’s

Good game boys. Even though the result didn’t go our way you played well and kept going until the final whistle.

Bishop’s Cup Round 1      St Joseph’s   4  –  2   Corpus Christi

Goal scorers:   Xander (2),  Matthew and Edward.

League Game     Primrose   1   –   2   St Joseph’s

Goal scorers:   George and Joe

League Game     St Joseph’s 0  –  6  Deighton Gates

Bishop’s Cup Round 2     St Joseph’s   2   –   4   St Benedicts


KDR Tournament

Well done to the year 6 boys for reaching the final and coming second. Congratulations to the year 5/6 girls for coming first in their tournament.

St Bart’s Cup

Group Stage:

St Josephs 1 – 0 Holy Rosary (goal scorer – Harriet)        St Josephs 2 – 0 St Benedicts (goal scorers – Harriet x2)

St Josephs 1 – 5 Farsley (goal scorer – Harriet)                St Josephs 1 – 1 West End (goal scorer – Harriet)

St Josephs 3 – 0 Gledhow (goal scorers – Harriet x2, Ursula)

Last 16

St Josephs 0 – 1 West Brook


Year 3/4 team

The teams in the league get 1 point for playing a match, 3 points for winning and 1 point for drawing. Here are the teams in their league for this season.

St Theresa’s, St Nicolas’, Grimes Dyke, Roundhay, St Augustines, Bardsey, Shadwell, St Chads, Wykebeck, Alwoodley, Weetwood and Our Lady’s.

League game                  St Augustine’s 1 – 4 St Joseph’s

Great start boys. We were 1 – 0 down at first but they kept it together and worked well as a team to get the result they deserved.


Datacable cup match round 1                St Joseph’s  1  –  4  Allerton

We looked good when we were attacking but we lost this game simply because of the defending. Next time we need to make sure we mark up and watch those strikers.

League game                  St Joesph’s  2  –  0  Grimes Dyke

This was a tough game but I was really pleased with how the boys handled this game. They listened, kept their cool and worked together and as a result they got the win.

League game              Grimes Dyke   0   –   2   St Joseph’s

Goal scorers:   Josh and Joe

League game     St Joseph’s   3  –  0  Wykebeck

League game    Wkyebeck   0   –   1    St Joseph’s

Goal scorer:  Josh


Playoffs at Priesthorpe

Quarter final           West End   1  –   0   St Josephs

Unfortunately it didn’t go our way on the day but you have played well this year boys to get to the playoffs. Keep it up for next year.